Sourced by the transformative power of educational technologies’, Stage Plot is a virtual learning incubator platform where participants (end-users) control what, when, where, and how they learn. The program supports them to overcome distance learning challenges: concentration, motivation, and social-cultural barriers.  The program incorporates Augmented Reality(AR) components. For example: 360-portal video, Heartfelt hologram storyteller-instructor, hologram vignettes and floating puzzle pieces. To assure continuity in learning, each participant will receive an AR/Holograms self-paced workbook  App.  All AR for the courses is available via a web link.  The workbook App is suitable for their tablets and smartphones and is available through Google and Apple Store.

We can provide you with the full map design and market research up request.


The participants are Canadians from the BIPOC Community who are part of the Millennial and Generation Z populations. They are between the ages of  21 and 35. They are predominantly women and are considered novices in the industry with either a story idea or a script on the way to completion.  They possess a great sense of entrepreneurship with the real desire to run their own original story. They aim for online rapid and applicable educational content. Their ultimate goal is to generate enough revenue to make a living as independent producers in the entertainment & media industry.


This virtual educational concept is a safe environment for end-users to learn from mistakes while simultaneously retaining pertinent information instantaneously.

Microlearning &
multi-channel access.

The content will be intentionally packaged into bite-sized bursts video format, ideally 1 to 3 minutes max in length. Heartfelt hologram storyteller-instructor prompts quick call-to-actions to absorb the fundamental principles intended to master and make the experience more engaging to acquire the knowledge for some of the abstract concepts.

Peer-to-peer interaction (Socio-constructivism)

The learners can share their challenges and progress through different resources to expand their network with their peers and subject matter experts by optimizing social media like Youtube and Instagram or via email with weblink or Qr Code scan.

Workbook App with Artize Hollywood Studio (Self-space Educational Support)

To assure continuity in learning, each participant will receive a complementary AR/Holograms workbook (APP) that emphasizes practical, actionable steps with repeated interactive exercises until learning goals are accomplished. The workbook App is suitable for their tablets and smartphones and is available through Google and Apple Store.

Live facilitation business
coaching sessions.

Utilizing Zoom integration within the platform, participants can have a group and one on one coaching with a live facilitator.

Sabrina Roc - Celebrating the extra in human- Founder & Executive Producer of Productions Wojack

I am a firm believer that it is possible to generate self-revenue with original culture content. I officially founded Productions Wojack in 2017 to fulfill this. I am a recipient of the Quebecor scholarship in 2008 and am an honoured graduate at INIS Interactive Media. I have over 20 years of experience as a consultant, producer, and content manager in the entertainment and media industry. I partner with people who are aligned with my core values. Together, we are working to craft interactive products and services that create the opportunity to solve the industry’s current challenges. We look at what’s so (the current conditions) and bridge it with what’s possible (a future paradigm). I have worked in collaboration with many people and businesses in the industry. For portfolio:

Team from Productions wojack

Sabrina Roc - Program Manager & Producer

Tamisha Parris -Diversity consultant

Trinidad Rivas- Educational content producer

Holly MacDonald, Principal Educational Consultant

Nathaniël Siri - Post Production Video Director


NexTech is one of the leaders in the rapidly growing Augmented Reality

Snaptech Digital

Work on clients through data, advertising, and technology. We’re the tech nerds that figure out the practical application of a new platform before the inventor.

Sales and forecast

will send upon request.

Timeline Objective

The goal is to design, produce and integrate the full front-end content (transmedia storyboards, text, videos, images, sounds, voice-over) with the Augmented Reality(AR) e-learning system platform. As a result,  the project would be ready to launch by the end of September 2021. The project deliverables are:

  • The training module storyboards with intuitive interactive elements that utilize customizable 3D models, text, audio, and video can easily be merged with the NexTech AR Learning Management System platform to implement the course development design.
  • To create all technical content and interactive activities (e.g. quizzes, scenarios, drag & drop, puzzles, etc.) for the AR/Holograms workbook that can easily be fused with the Artize App.
  • Included is a quality assurance process that produces refined instructional writing that meets all specifications for optimal user learning experience, including a quality assurance process to eliminate grammatical, functional and visual errors during the content design.