Sabrina Roc

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Sabrina Roc

Producer and Program Manager

Being part of the BIPOC community myself, I am faced with industry challenges every day. The fact is we don’t have the same privileges at the starting line. Systemic racism is real, and most of us are blinded by it. One-Third of the Canadian Population is underrepresented in the entertainment & media industry. The smallest business or inspiring producers are not aware of available resources to create original content. When they know, lots of time, they don’t speak the system’s economic language to express their storyline. Adding social and economic factors makes it even harder to penetrate and perform in this highly demanding market.

I am a firm believer that it is possible to generate self-revenue with original culture content. I partner with people who are aligned with my core values. Together, we are working to craft interactive products and services that to create the opportunity to solve the industry’s current challenges. We look at what’s so (the current conditions) and bridge it with what’s possible (a future paradigm).
I officially founded Productions Wojack in 2017 to fulfill on this.

I am a recipient of the Quebecor scholarship in 2008 and am an honoured graduate at INIS Interactive Media. I hold have over 20 years of experience as a consultant, producer, and content manager in the entertainment and media industry. I have worked in collaboration with many people and businesses in the industry including:

I have contributed to various interactive media projects including:

  • LMS 360 degree implementation – user first experience
  • Pay By Ex interface learning design.
  • CAE simulation learning system
  • Multi-channel documentary
  • Kim educational for Garnier
  • Diesel/Adidas create your show’s interactive campaign.
  • Fort Mc Money
  • Arson virtual museum
  • Tactik interactive web game narrative for Tele Quebec


Over time,  I developed a  specialization in budget management and funding, including through Telefilm, Sodec, other new media funds (Bell and Telus), and private investors. I also developed specialization in building and leading different experts’ teams. Insightful and dynamic, My goal is to fufill Productions Wojack vision, mission and financial objectives within next 5 years.  I am mom of a beautiful toddler and when time permits,I am completing a post-graduate degree in distance education and training technology. I am looking to one day complete a Ph.D. in Productions Media and the importance of ethnopyschology.

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