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Stage plot - Interactive incubator platform

With the transformative power of educational technologies, Stage Plot is a virtual learning platform where participants (end users) control what, when, where and how they learn. The program helps them overcome distance learning difficulties: concentration, motivation and socio-cultural barriers.  The program incorporates augmented reality (AR) components. For example video with 360 portals, hologram sincere storyteller-instructor, hologram vignettes and floating puzzle pieces. To ensure continuity of learning, each participant will receive an AR/Hologram Workbook application.  All ARs for the courses are available via a web link.  The Workbook app fits their tablets and smartphones and is available on Google and Apple Store.

More info: Stage Plot

The Art of Broadcasting Stories Program

Aware of the challenges of revenue generation as an artist in the entertainment and media industry, the program is designed to ensure that creative participants are put in place to accelerate successful development. They will be aware of the various business support services and resources available to them. We combine our field experience with our expertise as an online education specialist.  We work with the leading experts in data technology and developments in the history of broadcasting. Participants in our program will understand what it takes to succeed in the industry.

3 Clics Entrepreneures (Co-productions Knfu)

3 CLICKS is a documentary series of 8 episodes of 30 minutes, which makes us discover other facets of traditional entrepreneurship Vulnerability, stakes, courage, resilience, pleasure and combativeness are at the rendezvous. They face issues related to immigration, near or far.

Le Sexe Orale (Co-productions Knfu )

Sex Oral is a web series that is broadcast simultaneously on television and on the internet to maximize the entry points of the audience. At the time of Youporn, Tinder and Instagram, we explore the wide range of sexual and sentimental attachments of the 24-40 generation. Authentic testimonies and conversations from specialists respond and encourage a diversity of viewpoints. With a multi-platform and multi-format approach, the project deploys its video content, photos and articles on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. On social networks, Le Sexe Oral offers advice around love and sexuality and feeds debates and discussions related to the themes addressed in the émission

Hood Island

Is a single, half-hour comedy series about JONATHAN, a biracial 21-year-old optimist, who gets stuck on a tropical island with his whole crazy family and decides to create his own perfect world.

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